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Case Study #1 – Financial Forecasting and Socio-Economic Impact Review

Our client, a sports business, engaged us to produce a financial forecasting model to allow them to review different scenarios, to allow them to assess profitability, and support investment decisions.  The business has now developed a budget to allow it to achieve break-even.

Subsequent to this initial engagement, we were asked to produce a Socio-Economic Report to support a building planning application, and understand that the planning application is progressing.


Case Study #2 – Grant Assistance and Corporate Funding Engagement

Our client, an educational supplies designer and distributor, had been operating from a small administration office, and had outsourced their product warehousing and inventory management.  To support their plans to acquire their own warehouse and create a head office, we identified financing and grant assistance available for the business.  We advised on, and supported their applications for £230,000 of new financing and the successful award of £76,000 of grant assistance.


Case Study #3 – Research and Development Tax and Patent Box Relief Claim

The advised business designs, manufacturers and supplies a range of patented specialist medical devices, and has traded for 20 years.  As part of their ongoing product development programme, they were developing a next generation portable product.  Our review and advice provided the business with £115,000 reduction of their Corporation Tax payable.


Case Study # 4 – Incorporation Relief Tax Planning on Transfer of Trade 

Our client had operated as a sole trader, in the building industry, for a number of years.  We recommended that the business be Incorporated, the result of which was to reduce the margin tax rate on profits from 49% to 27.5%.  In addition, by performing a detailed review of the Business, we agreed the use and application of Incorporation Relief with HMRC, resulting in a significant additional saving in Tax.


Case Study #5 – Output VAT Recovery for Exempt Supplies

For this business, were asked to advise on the process of recovering Output VAT overpaid, due to supplies being Exempt and Zero Rated.  We effectively re-created 5 years of Quarterly VAT Returns, in the process correcting a significant number of calculation and treatment errors.  The end result for the client was the identification and recovery of £93,000 of overpaid VAT.


Case Study #6 – Grant Assistance Claim for Building Products Manufacturer

We were introduced to this business by a tax practice, who understood the business was planning to make significant investment in improving their operations.  We quickly identified that the business was located in an eligible area, and their planned investment was likely to qualify for Grant Assistance.  Resultant from our advice and support through the 2 stage application process, the business secured the maximum available grant of €200,000 (£177,000) towards the purchase of major new item of machinery.


Case Study # 7 – Theatre Tax Relief

We were consulted by a Newcastle based Accountancy practice, in regard to the available of Theatre Tax Relief (TTR) for one of their clients, who produce an annual Pantomime.  We reviewed and advised on the eligibility of this valuable Tax Relief, and have prepared and advised this client since TTR was made available in 2014, securing tax relief totalling £53,000


Case Study # 8 – Financial Due Diligence

We were engaged by our client, as Financial Services Group to perform pre-acquisition Financial Due Diligence, on a number of potential acquisition targets.  The proposed share acquisition deal shapes were slightly different in each case, but largely were based on earning multiples, with adjustments for any material errors found in the net assets.  We identified in each review, significant understated liabilities and overstated assets, and consequently materially overstated profits.


Case Study # 9 – Research & Development Tax Relief

We were introduced by a Co Durham based Accountancy practice, and were engaged by the commercial print client to the review and identify available R&D Tax Reliefs.  It transpired that the business had submitted a R&D claim for an earlier year which HMRC had rejected, and the assignment was made significantly more complex as a result of the previous attempt by the client to submit an unsupported claim.  Although our advice was that the earlier year R&D Tax Relief Claim had to be withdrawn, we were able to identify, substantiate, and support claims for R&D Tax Relief totalling £136,000.

Case Study # 10 – Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) Tax Relief

Our client had invested a substantial sum in a start-up business, and sought our advice and support in claiming SEIS Income Tax Relief on the investment.  We reviewed the business background, and advised on the eligibility for SEIS relief and supported their Income Tax Relief  claim, both on the initial investment, but also for a Share Loss Relief claim.  The client has therefore been able to recover 46% of their original investment in Income Tax Relief.